Friday, July 26, 2013

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

MidNite Sleep Aid Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try MidNite Sleep Aid from BzzAgent. This product was interesting to me because I do occasionally take a sleep-aid, but don't like to wake up groggy!

My BzzAgent kit included a full size 30-count package of MidNite, 2-count samples of MidNite to share with friends and coupons good for $2 off MidNite product.

MidNite is a drug-free formula with a blend of melatonin, lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm. Their claim is that you will sleep naturally and wake up without feeling groggy. Midnite Sleep Aid is different because you can either take it before you go to bed, OR you can take it in the middle of the night to get back to sleep. I love this flexibility!

Also, the tablets are fruit-flavored, they dissolve in your mouth without water. This is great because you can leave some tablets on your night stand and take in the middle of the night without having to go search for water.

I was able to try this product both before bed and a couple times in the middle of the night.  Every time I took the product I found that I woke up refreshed. These tablets do NOT make me groggy at all in the morning.  All but one of the times I definitely was able to get back to sleep.  The time that I felt I still tossed around I was also having a hot-flash... which was probably the cause of my sleeplessness. I definitely want to try the MidNite Menopause which has an additional ingredient to help with hot-flashes.

MidNite is offered in three product types:

  • MidNite - which combines melatonin (the body's natural sleep-wake regulator) with a blend of natural herbs like lemon balm, lavender and chamomile to induce restful sleep without knocking you out. 
  • MidNite PM - which adds bromelain (made from pineapple) to the original formula to soothe minor aches and pains that can keep you up at night. 
  • MidNite Menopause - which adds a clinical dose of Genestein from soy isoflavones to provide natural support for hot flashes and night sweats. 

For more information on MidNite check out their website!

A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13

Friday, January 04, 2013

Painted (Refurbished) China Hutch

In 2011 I started following several DIY blogs completely enthralled by the ideas they posted.  All the old, worn out furniture that they transformed into beautiful furniture to decorate their homes "frugally" were amazing.  I read blog after blog and spent countless hours on pinterest.  What kept me from trying my own transformation was my Type A, OCD personality that didn't want to do something that wouldn't be "perfect".
Refurbished China Hutch - After

This china hutch was my first refurbished project. I bought the hutch off craigslist for $50 and completely forgot to take a before picture of it before we tore it apart. Looked great in the photo, the guy said it was wood.  It's not!  So the first thing to tackle was how to paint laminate.  I used oil based primer before the latex color.
China hutch before - not actual, but closest I could find!

The baker's rack we took out of the room had a wine rack, and we used it - so I knew I wanted to do something with this hutch.  I got the idea to take out the middle door and turn that into a wine rack.  Um... that was not as easy as I thought! My husband had to cut out the middle shelf (of course I wanted to keep it on the two side doors) - and support it.  Then I found a wood wine rack for $3 at a  garage sale and painted it.  The wine rack wasn't a perfect fit of course, so we had to cut it down (basically remake it) for it to fit!
Example of the amount of work that went into it. Much more than I expected!

All in all, this first project took a lot longer, and more work than I thought!  But I'm so pleased with the results!  I really wanted to distress it just a little, but my husband doesn't really like that look, and since he cheerfully (for the most part) helped with all the modifications that were needed I honored his request. :)

What do you think?

 A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's Resolution 2013: Lose Weight and Get in Shape!

Every year millions of people make New Year Resolutions.  And each year, one of the top ranking goals has something to do with losing weight or getting in shape!

Have you tried every diet?  Tired of the same things that don't work year after year?   

Introducing the NEW Body by Vi Challenge

The Body by Vi Challenge is not another fad diet. The program is based on nutrition that helps you ... burn fat and keep lean muscle, boosts your metabolism and helps control hunger. The patented ingredients and formulas help you achieve your goals, on your terms with guaranteed results. Included in our program are nutrition guides, fitness tips and plans, and downloadable tracking tools.

How to lose weight

To achieve maximum weight-loss results, we recommend the Transformation Kit. This Kit will support your healthy physical transformation!  This kit includes 60 nutritionally balanced meals of Vi-Shape Shake mix, Omega Vitals (Essential Fatty Acids for cognitive function and cardiovascular support), Vi-Slim Metabolism Booster, Vi-Trim all natural appetite suppressant,  and Neuro, our natural energy drink packed with healthy energy! Simply replace 2 meals a day (typically breakfast and lunch) with a nutritional Vi-Shake, add Vi-Trim to your shake or any other beverage, have 2 snacks between the shakes and a sensible dinner.  This breaks down to about $4 a meal - so not only will you be losing the maximum amount of weight but you'll be redirecting your other food costs - so you'll end up saving money! Another key to weight loss is to have your goal set - and share that with others!  Having friends that encourage you along the way will make your weight-loss journey more successful.  Make sure that at least one of your friends will help hold you accountable to the changes you need to make to reach your goal.  Consider joining The Challenge as a TEAM or FAMILY!  Others will get healthy WITH you and the results will come even quicker!  

How to get in shape

The Fit Kit is great for athletes and those that lead active lifestyles. This kit provides enough shake mix to have one shake as a meal replacement (blend with milk & fruit) AND another shake mixed with water as a snack. This is because to help your body recover, it is important to get protein into the body within 30 minutes of completing a workout. You’ll also receive our delicious Nutri-Cookies for a healthy snack and our Performance Energy products, ViSalus GO and ViSalus PRO.  These are great to drink before a work out (drink GO 20-30 minutes before workout) to support stamina and endurance during your work out, and then (PRO) during the work out for added support for your muscle energy. A key to getting into shape is setting your goal, keeping it in front of you, and working towards it!  Share your goal with friends and family!  Whether your fitness goal is to start running, build muscle, or lose body fat, the premium Tri-Sorb protein drink that ViSalus offers will help you reach your goal!  

Share your Goals; Share your Results

One thing that makes the Body by Vi Challenge so successful is the huge community of people that are all working toward the same thing.  We share our goals, our challenges, our results, our stories.  This is REAL.  This is life-changing habits.  This is not a diet!  In order to have the most success, and KEEP your results, make this a lifestyle change!  And embrace the community of other like-minded people that want to cheer you on! Need more information on delicious Vi-Shakes?  I can't wait to share this awesome program with you!  Contact me today!

A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13

Saturday, March 10, 2012

eMeals - 12 months of meal planning!

I just purchased this deal through Living Social 50% off! and already printed out my next week's meals planner, and the shopping list. This is THE BEST meal planner I've seen - it gives you a full rounded meal, and bases it on what is on sale that week at the store you pick!

I don't mind cooking, but I HATE meal planning. For only $29 a year this was a no brainer for me! Check it out- the deal is only for 4 more days! It's 50% off, can't beat that!

A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's to a HEALTHY 2012!

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Here’s to Life, Health & Prosperity!
A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13