Friday, December 08, 2006

Life Changes

What an interesting year! Hopefully I am learning as God is growing and stretching me in all areas. After much frustration and praying, I closed my scrapbook business in September, sold some of the product, and donated everything else to foster care. Now it looks like the company will close its doors by year end. I thank God that He really prepared me by leading me in that direction before the worst came. I feel for my LP Sisters who counted on that income.

Did you know that the foster children create a "Life Book" that they keep with them whatever home they go to? That made me sad! Sad that they don't have a stable home with a mommy & daddy to love them, but thankful that they will at least have some history of their life. I'm glad I could help with that, I know they put the products to good use.

So now what do I do? I started working out at the gym, taxi my kids to and from school and activities every day, and still waste some time on the computer. ;) My house is cleaner though now that I don't have the business taking up time. And I have had time to form friendships with the women in our Small Group - what a BLESSING!

Two great friends I met through my old business have finally convinced me to start digital scrapbooking. I love it! Problem: its just as addicting as paper scrapbooking, but more convenient. THANKS SUSAN & KRISTIN! Hm... I think I need to set some time limits for myself! I have now downloaded hundreds of digital supplies (all the free ones I could find) to get started. I've bookmarked several sites that have tutorials, and actually created a couple pages. The one posted is the first one I created on my own!

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