Saturday, March 08, 2008

Enjoy the Little Things

Being in the "Amazing Digi Scrap Race" with Cheri is really helping me get some layouts done! The last two were challenging because they had to have a certain amount of heart-felt journaling on them, and I really don't like that! I'm a "date-name-place" kind of journaler. So I'm stretching. And I love this LO! It is true what they say, that the kids will grow up sooo fast - Morgan has her 10th birthday in just 4 days! I'll post the journaling below here in case you want to read it.


Journaling: My sweet little Morgan! Where has the time gone? I found this picture that was taken when you were not quite 2 years old. You were wearing those bright pajamas that I loved. I’ve always loved bright colors on you, they so accurately reflect your bright, fun and “love life” personality. This day you were telling us about your new friend. An imaginary friend no less, that you were holding in your hand. I think you believed it just as sure as you believed in Santa! Looking at this picture makes me realize how quickly time has gone by. You were such a little girl, and now you are turning 10. I can hardly believe it. I pray that you will always enjoy life as much as you have as a child. I love you so much Morgan. You’ll always be my precious little girl! Love, Mommy


jazsutra said...

LouAnn ,decided to blog hop today and came by your blog and all your lovely layouts.btw,i just tagged you,if you're willing to play along just for fun;)
check it out at my blog ;)-jaz

Jess Gordon said...

This is such a precious page!! I'm so glad you wrote the journaling - it is wonderful :)!!!! I know you and your family will appreciate it for years to come :)!