Friday, July 04, 2008

New Puppy!

Well Morgan's dream finally came true today! She got a puppy finally! And she is a Q-T! :) She is a Cairn Terrier (same as TOTO from Oz)
Haven't decided on a name yet.... tossing around some ideas - wanna vote or add your suggestion?!!!!

* Sadie
* Jasmine (Jazzy)
* Liberty (since we got her on the 4th)
* Firecracker
* Kaycee


Kim said...

I vote for "Liberty". You can call her "Libby" for short. Super cute puppy!

Michelle McVaney said...

AW!! She is a cute one! My sis has a Carin Terrier...her name is Maggie Sue! They are GREAT dogs!:) Very smart!