Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NO WAY - I cannot believe I won CS3

What a day! You will not believe this! Well, at least I cannot believe it! I just got a call on my cell phone from my friend Kristin - telling me to check the Pioneer Woman site because I WON Photoshop CS3! I'm absolutely stunned! WOOHOO!!!!! I currently have PSE 5 which I use for digital scrapbooking and it will be SO awesome to learn CS3! WOW!!!!

So now I want to tell you about this fabulous site that I read daily! THE PIONEER WOMAN She is a fabulous writer, I just love to read her site. She covers everything from cooking, photography, to home & garden, and the love story she is writing about meeting her husband is so wonderful it makes me laugh AND cry! So go check it out. I think you'll like her. I feel like she's a friend even though I've never met her and she has no CLUE who I am!!! (isn't the internet funny?)

Well I better get back to "work" - homeschooling. My kids are wondering what all the screaming and heavy breathing was about! Somehow, I don't think they'll quite "get it". :)

Have a blessed day in the LORD!


nancypants said...

Congratulations LouAnn! I know how excited you are! You will LOVE CS3!

Ruth said...

Wow Wow Wow.... Praise God! such a BLESSED DAY for U, LouAnn!!! I'm glad to join yours happiness and excited as well!!! hahahaha

kimmerbean said...

LouAnn, I am SO HAPPY for you! I know that you will put CS3 to good use.

Eva Lindqvist said...

Wow LouAnn - that's awesome!!! Congratulations!