Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3!

Yes, I admit, I'm a High School Musical fan!!! The music and dancing is so fun. So I was thrilled when a friend called last night and had 3 tickets to opening night at the theatre here - I drove right over to get them! I didn't tell Morgan we were going. We went to pick up one of her friend's to spend the night, and on the way home instead of going to Blockbuster I told her we'd just check to see what is at the theatre. She already knew that HSM3 was out today but ALL the evening shows were already sold out online! So she did not know what we were seeing until we got into the theatre and I showed her the pre-printed tickets. She was sooooo excited! And it was a great movie! Loved all the songs and dancing!!!!


Kristin said...

Oh how exciting! Kaylie's wanting to see it and I am too! Not sure when we'll go though, but I'm sure it will be pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

my kids are so dying to see this. Glad to hear you liked it. You just up'ped their chances to 80% ;).
One of our friends is a break dancer in the movie. He's in the junk yard scene. Can't wait to see his part.
Way to go good mom!