Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Covergirl Lipstain Review

Today I am reporting on the new Covergirl Lipstain! I was so excited to get into this campaign, because I love lipstick, always wear it, and it doesn't seem to last that long so I constantly reapply it all day. The new CoverGirl Lipstain launched in January 2009 so you can find displays for it in many stores. Here are the claims:
Won't rub off or smudge, lightweight, lasts longer than lipstick, precise application, won't dry out lips, raspberry-vanilla scent, etc. It retails at $7.29.
Here are my results!
I did receive a very dark color that I wouldn't normally wear, but I still wanted to try it. I loved how it applied. You just color in your lips like with a marker, its fast and easy. However, the color is very matte, so if you want any shine you need to put lipgloss over it. Also, even after it dried it felt a little "sticky" on my mouth. I also thought that it dried my lips more than regular lipstick, but maybe that it because we've had unusually cold weather the last couple weeks. I used it for a few days and then it seemed to completely run out, so the product didn't seem to last very long.
All in all, I am glad I was able to try it, and maybe in a different color I would like it better.

I still have some $1.00 off any CoverGirl lip product coupons - so if you would like a couple, just reply here or email me, and I'll send some out until they are gone!

Once again, if you aren't familiar with BzzAgent, you should definitely check it out! I love being able to try new products and report back on them. Once accepted to a campaign you will be sent a package with the product and coupons. It's a fun way to try something new!

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