Monday, February 09, 2009

52 Blessings - Week 4, 5, 6

Week 4 - My husband
Clare is such a huge blessing in my life, it's hard to put into words how much I appreciate him! We have now been married 12 years, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. He is supportive of my "addictions" like scrapbooking, digi, reading; he is a wonderful dad, he helps me around the house and doesn't ever say "what did you do all day?"! He's incredibly smart and talented, and can fix almost anything in the house. He is also a great leader, both at work, home and in the church. I am so blessed to be married to him, and thankful that God brought us together!

Week 5 - Children
This is another one that I've been thinking about but just didn't know how to write down. Should I do each child seperately or do them all together in one post? Should I put the qualities I love about each child, or how God has grown me through being a mommy? And why do I analyze everything to death anyway? :D With children ranging from age 25 to age 8, we have gone through everything from diapers to grad school and careers with the 4 kids. I think one of the biggest blessings about having children is that God has really shown me where I need to change and grow, based on how I respond and react to challenges with my children. It was especially a challenge coming into Lyndi & Kalen's lives when they were 8 and 13, but I can say now that God has really given us all a chance to grow and now I am so blessed to have good relationships with them! (In fact I'm going next week to celebrate Kalen's 21 birthday! woohoo!)

Week 6 - Trials
This morning as I was reading in my quiet time I decided that it was time to really consider the trials in my life as a blessing. I am currently reading a book by Jerry Bridges, "Trusting God, Even when Life Hurts". In chapter 8 we focus on the wisdom of God, and that the best possible end of all God's actions is ultimately His glory. When we (or a friend/family member) experience a trial it's so hard to see anything good coming out of it. This is where your faith comes into play. We have to trust the Lord even when we don't understand what or why something is happening, we trust that He is working things out for "our good and His glory". The "good" for us is changing us into the likeness of Christ! To quote from the book, "Is not the wisdom of God (thus the glory of God) more eminently displayed in bringing good out of calamity than out of blessing? In other words, God uses the trials in our lives to refine us, and to display His glory. I was so encouraged after reading this chapter today. If you haven't read this book I encourage you to get it!

Be Joyful!

Prov. 14:1


kimmerbean said...

You make me smile. :)

Kay said...

Love ya girl. You write so well. So many blessings in your life. God is good.

Sunny said...

Your such a great example.

Thanks for sharing and for all your inspiration!

~♥JoY♥~ said...

Thanks for sharing this Ms.LouAnn! I feel blessed and inspired, by reading your blog.