Wednesday, February 25, 2009

52 Blessings - Week 7

My Parents
Exodus 20:12 Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

What a blessing my parents are to me! They are loving, easy going and fun. Some of my friends that were around them while I was growing up still ask about my parents, they seem to have made an impact on everyone!
I had the wonderful advantage of growing up in a Christian home, even though I myself was pretty rebelious and did not trust the Lord as my Savior until my late 20s. Through all the trials my mother consistently prayed for me, as she does all her children, grandchildren, family members and friends. My dad was always available to help me fix a car, repair something in an apartment, and later to babysit my children! :) (How convenient to have lived 2 miles away!) Now that we are 6+ hours from them I see my parents much less, but I do talk to my mom several times a week. I miss being able to see them every week, but I'm thankful for the influence they've been in my life and continue to be in my children's lives!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13


Marilee said...

What a great blessing, LouAnn...I hope you let your parents see this!

~♥JoY♥~ said...

Yes, your parents are such a blessings! :)

And thanks for 'dropping' by on my blog. LOL!

~♥JoY♥~ said...

Yes, your parents are such a blessings! :)

And thanks for 'dropping' by on my blog. LOL!

Diane said...

What a wonderful post and celebration of the blessing you have in your parents. I'm blessed by mine also, and doubly blessed that they are only 20 minutes from me.

Your blog is so interesting! I'm going to explore the coupon end of it more!

I appreciate all the ways you exalt the name of Jesus on your blog. I'd like to invite you to one of my blogs, Women to Women: Sharing Jesus. It's a place for women to interact with devotionals that I or guest writers develop to celebrate Jesus in our lives and to lift His name high. I hope you'll take a peek. Would love to have you visit.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your parents. {{hugs}}