Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been saving with coupons now for almost 5 weeks (took last week off shopping though). It is a bit time consuming, but I'm just amazed at how much money can be saved if you look for the deals. I have heard about the great deals to be had at CVS, but honestly that whole ECB, stacking coupons, rolling ECBs, etc. just had my head spinning! Until today. I stumbled upon a blog that mentioned a CVS $5 challenge for newbies and decided to check it out. Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First (don't you love that blog name?) makes it easy by giving you an exact scenario to use at CVS spending $5 or less. I'm SO excited about this! In fact, I'm hoping to organize my coupons and try it out TODAY! :D I added her link to my side blog so if you want to try it another week you'll be able to find it. Thank you Alyssa! :)

A glad heart makes a happy face. Prov. 15:13

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