Monday, February 09, 2009

Goulash anyone?

This morning I made goulash for dinner. Yes, I made it this morning because I knew it would be better after it settled for a while, and because the kids will have homework when they get home and it's so hard to do that and make dinner at the same time. Besides, I've never made goulash and had NO idea if it would be good, so this would give me a chance to dump it out, take the trash out of the house, and fix something else for dinner pretending it never existed if it was horrible! (Not that I would ever do that hehe) I just have to say its pretty GOOD! And it was cheap and easy, and fairly healthy. Just to be sure, I had a bowl of it for lunch, and yes, it's pretty good!

I also baked 12 huge potatoes in the oven. They are now cooling so I can make them into twice-baked taters and then freeze for future meals. I had my quiet time, read Chapter 8 in the Trusting God book and answered all of Chapter 8 questions. Then I finished laundry, and put another coat of paint on the wall, and talked to a friend from church for an hour (while I did this!) Whew. Not that you all want to hear about my entire day (well all 2 of you that read my blog) but now you know. For some reason, I just felt like documenting that I actually did more today than let the dog out, and in, and out and in.... Could it be because the SUN IS SHINING! Praise the LORD! It just makes me HAPPY! :D

Oh, and before this day is over I'm going to catch up on my 52 Blessings project. In case you wanted to know....

Be joyful!

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